Afram Plains Foundation 2019 Fundraiser & Celebration

Thank you for joining the board and founders at Green Diamond Gallery to eat, drink and celebrate.  The board is grateful for your generosity.  The fundraiser was a success! We have already begun the process of fielding the soccer teams of Afram Plains.  The pump for the well has also been replaced improving the delivery of the water.

2019 APF Fundraiser

Donations and Foundation Activity:

  • Your generosity is appreciated as we continue to fund education, clothing, and medical care projects.

  • 100% of the proceeds go directly to our work improving the lives of Afram Plains children.

  • Phase 1 of our Clean Water Project is complete. Phase 2 is under development.

  • Field the Teams a project to make the joy and benefit of sports, specifically soccer, more accessible to the children.



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