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Frederick Odame, Zeinab Odame, and  Julia Dalia cordially invites you to attend:


Clyde Gray has told the stories of daily life in three communities over a 37 year career as a television news journalist. He started as a reporter in Winston-Salem, N. C., in 1977, after

interning there from Wake Forest University. In 1979, WLWT in Cincinnati, Ohio hired Gray. In 1990, WCPO hired Gray to anchor the evening news and work with its investigative reporting unit, the I-Team, which won the prestigious DuPont Award. Gray also won regional Emmy awards and the Edward R. Murrow Award for Best Newscast. Gray retired from broadcasting in 2014, and runs Blackboard Marketing, which he founded. 

When:     Saturday, August 11, 2018

Where:    Terwilliger Lodge at Dulle Park

                 10530 Deerfield Rd, Montgomery, OH

Agenda:   7:00   Cocktails and Introduction

                  8:30   Keynote Speaker Clyde Gray

                 10:00  Conclusion

“I believe every child, in every part of the world, regardless of his or her race, religion, or creed should enjoy the gift of education and live a healthy Life”         Julia Dalia

  • 100% of the proceeds go directly to our work improving the lives of AFRAM Plains children.

  • Our clean water project is fully funded.

  • Your help is appreciated as we continue to fund the education, clothing, and medical care projects.

  • Our founders, Frederick and Zeinab Odame, Julia Dalia, and other board members were raised in AFRAM Plains.  Through the love of their families they were given the opportunity to rise from poverty and build a better life for themselves.  AFRAM Plains Foundations is extending that same opportunity to the children of their homeland.

Board Members*:

Kristen Ankenbauer – Board Chair
Karen Miles – Fundraiser Committee Chair
Dan Lauterbur
Ashley Lock

Judith Kootin-Sanwu
Dr. Prince Ellis

Eric Boafo
Berhanu Abebe
Dr. Alexander Anim-Mensah
Kaila Statt,

Chris Mckeinnan

*All board members volunteer their time.
A registered 503C non- profit organization. 


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