Education is the only foundation for every child. No amount of riches can transform a child to become a good citizen of the world; instead, education of the mind, heart, and hand is the only weapon that can transform generations from poverty into self-sufficiency

I grew up without electricity, good drinking water, and most of the basic amenities my children enjoy today. At the age of 14, I couldn’t read or write. I had not seen TV, refrigerator, stove or a computer in my life. You might wonder how old can Frederick be? Well, I was born in 1981 and a banker now; I have an MBA and a bachelor’s degree in finance. I have accomplished all the above because somebody gave me a chance. A grandmother who told me I can make it no matter the odds against me, an uncle who brought me to the City (Accra, Ghana) and a mother I later met at age 21 who worked tirelessly in England to send us money for tuition. I left my friends, a place I called home, cousins, and the children of Adeemmra behind. Although things have improved, children in Adeemmra and its surrounding towns lack the simple foundation they need to succeed, Education & Healthcare!

I visited my village in June 2012 and saw my friends and classmates who were smarter than me destroyed by hunger and poverty. Unfortunately, I cannot change these friends or the older generation. What I can do, is to provide hope for their children. Please, donate books, toys, cloths and cash to help the Children of Afram Plains (Adeemmra).

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